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  Engineering and Technical questions.
  Questions about corrosion, materials, trustworthiness, technical specifications, standards, etc.
  Maintenance problems such as: corrosion, chemical corrosion, galvanic corrosion, bi metallic corrosion, cavitations, impact, impingement,  high temperature, fire, acid rain, concrete corrosion, abrasion, micro organism, anti fouling, etc.
  Questions regarding specific applications according to the process, equipments and work conditions.
  Repair methods through non conventional technologies.
  Products technical information and material safety data sheets (MSDS).
  Right product selection based in the specific problem.
  Local Distributors.
  Ocean and Air Freights.
  Delivery times.
  Training, seminars, technical events, certifications, etc.
  Approved Master Tec Contractors and contractors certificacions.
  Products warranty.
  Applications to become an Official Master Tec Distributor in your area.
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