Series 8000 - Thermowells & Thermocouples

Models:  Carbide-100, NiCr, R2103FKAY, Titanium NiCr, D2, MV15, MV20, Tungsten, Alumina Oxide and SS.

Master Tec Corporation makes the most sophisticated products that become the standard of industries such as: Petroleum, Industrial, Mining, Military, Chemical Plants, and Government.
Master Tec Corp. uses the most advanced: materials, metallurgical technology, special finishes, computer measuring machines, computer numeric control machines, EDM technology, laser technology, press technology, process, rapid prototyping laboratory, welding facility, heat treat, ultrasonic welding, cryogenic welding, etc…

General Information

Thermowells are recommended to protect both the operator and the temperature sensor.
The thermowell chosen is governed mainly by the conditions the thermowell will face.
Master Tec Corp. manufactures a complete line of thermowells for immediate installation.
These designs are custom made to promote a long service life and accurate measurement of your process. When ordering a customized thermowell, the minimum information required is:
The maximum operating pressure, temperature range, size, process fluid (volume, type and velocity), "U" length, overall length, material, and flange type.
With this information, Master Tec Engineering Dept. generates a report to design the optimum thermowell configuration for your application.




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Technical Information

The proper thermowell will reduce the possibility of damage to the temperature sensor due to:
  • Erosion Corrosion
  • Chemical Corrosion
  • Abrasion & Cavitation
  • High Pressure
  • Flow
  • Viscosity
  • High Temperature Corrosion


The advantage of a thermowell is that it allows the replacement of a defective temperature sensor without shutting down or draining the process.
The calculations necessary to provide adequate strength, under specific conditions, are familiar enough to permit proper choice of wall thickness, material and finish.
Failures, in most cases, are not due to the effects of pressure or temperature on the thermowell.
The fluid flowing by the thermowell forms a turbulent wake called “The Von Karman Trail”. This wake has a definite frequency, based on the form, shape and diameter of the thermowell and the velocity of the fluid. (Principles of Aerodynamic and Fluid Dynamic)
It is important that the thermowell has sufficient stiffness so that the wake frequency will never equal the resonant (natural) frequency of the thermowell itself. If the resonant frequency of the thermowell were to coincide with the wake frequency, the thermowell will vibrate to destruction and break off the piping.

Thermowells are safe if the resonant frequency is well bellow the wake frequency or if the fluid velocity is constantly fluctuating through the critical velocity point.
It is always recommended to use an installation that is stronger by the use of a sufficient stiff thermowell.
Master Tec Corporation has the capability to machine and heat treat extremely hard materials.
Through considerable investigation, prototyping, research and development, Master Tec Corporation has created the best technology in thermowells.

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