Master Tec has many solutions to the everyday customer's problems.
Below is an example of how Master Tec will repair a Heat Exchanger with erosion and corrosion problems.

First we remove al contaminants in order to review the problem.
The tube sheet is worn by erosion and corrosion.
A conventional repair will be to weld all the surface or the replacement of the tube sheet.

Master Tec solution is to "Cold Weld" the tube sheet surface to gain back the worn material from the surface to original dimensions.

Step 1: Surface preparation with Sand Blasting, Soda Blasting or Grit Blasting to achieve white metal.
Step 2: Application of a cleaner degreaser to all the surface to remove any kind of oil or grease.
Step 3: Application of a cold welding material such as "Master Metal" or "Master Ceramic Paste - P" to rebuild the worn surface to original dimensions.
Step 4: Application of a ceramic liquid technology such as "Master Ceramic OX" or "Master Ceramic Liquid - L" to all the surface to protect the tube sheet from any future erosion or chemical corrosion.


Example of the typical repair of Heat Exchangers using "Master Soda Blasting™" (to clean the metal), "Master Metal™" (to rebuild the metal) & "Master Ceramic Liquid OX™"(to protect against future corrosion).

Surface Preparation
with Soda Blasting
Rebuild Heat Exchanger
with Master Metal
with Master Ceramic Liquid

Master Tec products are very easy to use. However, it is recommended that only a certified contractor by Master Tec should do the application of the products.
We will help any customer in the process of training their personnel.

Master Tec is an expert company in the corrosion field. We have a great knowledge and experience about how to conserve, protect, repair and rebuild machineries, equipments, buildings and structures.

With Master Tec our customers take absolute control over their plants, processes and industrial installations.
We help them to create specifications, procedures and methods to avoid emergency shutdowns.
With Master Tec our customers use their valuable time for running production and their resources to be more competitive as a world class

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